Hotel Süsom Surlej B&B, Tel. +41 81 828 82 12

Hotel Süsom Surlej B&B, Tel. +41 81 828 82 12

Restaurant Süsom SurlejRestaurant Süsom SurlejRestaurant Süsom SurlejRestaurant Süsom Surlej


menu is changing every day

4 Gang Menu  43.-
3 Gang Menu  39.-
2 Gang Menu  35.-


«Tschaina»  only from sundays to thursdays

a special offer from the restaurant in Silvaplana Fr 45.- !!!

Tschaina is romanisch and means Dinner

this summer we have:



Lobster Menu

 Antipasto Buffet
Nigglis Bouillabaisse
1/2 lobster with piquant sauce on Spaghetti
mussels & tomatoes
dessert of today

please make a reservation

please make a reservation   Tel oo41 / o81 828 82 12

in our Fondue Stüble

for Cheesfondues

we will serve different kinds from Fr. 27.- ( possible also for one person)

New Year Menu

Menu from South Africa

we start with Ellen's Apero

Marc's Cap & Safari Menu

Skiny Lobster, Scallops and Angel-Fish

Chickencurry Soup


Sorbet from Grapes with..

Kudu and Filet of beef


Dessert: Bisquits with Honey and...


Consommé with...

summerseason starts at the end of june

Vegetarian Menu

Salad Buffet

or tomatoes with Buffala Mozzarella Cheese or fresh Orange-Juice


vegetalbse soupe with ginger


pasta stuffed with chees and vegetables


polenta with vegetables and mushrooms


Tira mi su ...
or ice cream
or 2 Truffes
or cheese dessert...

Menu 4 courses Fr. 39.-


or with meat, fish or chicken:
with escalope of porc ...
or chickenbreast ...
or sausages ...
or sea fish trio ...
with vegetalbles and...     plus Fr 4.-


please make your reservation:  Tel: oo41 / o81 828 82 12

our restaurant is closed tuedays and wednesdays

every day our hotel and reception is open  during the season

and also we have Buffet Breakfast



Thursday: Special Evening

We invite you for an aperitif at 6 o'clock pm


Fondue Chinoise

Salads and Antipasti from the buffet
Meatfondue with 5 different kinds of meat
Buffet with sauces and patatoes, rice and much more
a sweet dessert                        42.- (also possible for 1 person)


also thursdays you can reserve for:


Cheese Fondue  in winter ( --> this is also possible for 1 person)


saddle of vanission
for 1 Pers. 43.-
for 2 Pers. 39.-


for 1 Person 67.-
for 2 Persons 61.-

1.          Bisque d`hommard
2.   1/2 Lobster with salads
3.  1/2 Lobster with Spaghetti


our special Menu: «Tschaina» (=Dinner)
you will find it on this side


please make your reservation  oo41 / o81 828 82 12


 Salate und Antipasto vom Büffet
oder Vorspeise aus der Küche ...
oder frischer Orangensaft


oder Tagessuppe


Schweinspiccata ...
Schweinsschnitzel ...
oder Pouletbrust ...
oder Grouperfilet (Meerbarsch..) ...
mit Gemüse und Risotto

Dessert ...
oder Glace
oder  2 Truffes
oder Käse Variation


wir bitten um Reservation, Tel: oo41 / o81 828 82 12